Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pants for me

I forgot to show you the pants that I made for me! I've been wearing these every night since I made them- they're so comfy and they launder very nicely.

Yes, they were originally going to be dress-up pants, but they're way to big and baggy to wear as anything but lounge pants. I used the same pattern as Hubby's All-Star Dad pajama pants, shortening them at the waist and the ankle.

They are made from "suiting" fabric, and feel very nice- like really expensive lounge pants might feel. Definitely not like the cotton or flannel lounge pants I'm used to... and even more comfortable than the satin pair I have! They were rather fussy to sew, and I have to be careful with them because the fabric snags easily, but I'd say that they are worth it. Maybe not enough to make another pair with this fabric, but I know I'll use the pattern again!

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  1. Im sorry to have to say is funny as heck that you are standing on the commode!

    The things we do.... lol


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