Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Spoonflower Fun

A few weeks ago I got my email from Spoonflower, allowing me to try out their new site. I'd registered a month or so ago, and they're sending out these emails so that they don't have a barrage of new orders all of a sudden- it's a new company and they'd like to be able to keep up with demand.

I wasn't ready to place my order when I got the email from them, but just a couple of days later I noticed their blog entry, asking for all orders by the next morning if I wanted it mailed that upcoming week. And I did. So I sat down and worked up a little order, stuff that I'd been thinking about- labels. I made labels for stuff that I make for myself and my family, labels for the internets (these say "BlondieSpeaks"), and a quilt label for that massive quilt that will be done soon. I followed all of their directions for colors and pixels, etc, and uploaded my order- just an 8x8 swatch. A mere $6 later, I had my order placed and it was "in process". According to their blog, orders from that week shipped the following Friday, my order arrived the next Monday- so about a week after I placed it. Not too shabby!

I opened the envelope and all of this was in there:

I ripped open the nicely wrapped package of tissue paper to reveal my first-ever custom fabric:

Kim included a personal note, which I thought was a wonderful touch:

Here's a close-up of my quilt label and some of the Blondie labels. Photoshopped to protect my anonymity.

The white writing (which I used on all three designs) didn't turn out quite as well as it showed on my computer screen. The quilt label looks pretty darn great, except the smaller white writing on the bottom- which is kinda hard to read.

I love this method of creating a quilt label, and will likely plan ahead and use Spoonflower for future quilt labels. This particular one has already been sewn into a block and will be used as a part of a pieced back, but I'm sure that it could be appliqued onto a quilt without any problems.

My biggest complaint/concern? Shipping for swatches is $1 during their beta testing period... regularly close to $4. According to the postage label on the package, shipping cost Spoonflower $0.59. While I understand about "handling", this is likely to upset some people. Good to know in advance.


  1. I have several fabric designs I'd love to have spoonflower do for me but I have to figure it out first.

  2. Blondie,
    those guys are awesome, very helpful, I just got my order today but like you the shipping needs sorting. I suspect they will get it sorted out soon. ;)
    I was being charged 30dollars for a parcel that cost only $5.60 !
    I contacted them and they were really helpful and refunded some but I need to write back and get the rest as it still cost me 20!
    I think they will address this very soon , they seem like really genuine people with a really cool company on their hands, albeit in very early stages. ;)
    Yours is lovely.


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