Saturday, October 18, 2008

A great Saturday

I realize that I'm posting this a whole week after the fact, but I've been incredibly busy. I have no idea how so many bloggers work full-time, have family time, and still find time to post regularly to their blogs... I am finding this balancing act to be amazingly difficult.

Last Saturday was a really fabulous day with my family. The Prince had his last soccer game of the season (8AM!), which got us up and moving early. After the game, we stopped at home so he could change out of his uniform, then we headed downtown for some fun. The DOT had all the snowplows out on display, and they were giving rides in dump trucks and road graders, and were even taking people up in the cherry-pickers!

(Uh, no- we chose not to go up in one of these!)

You can kinda see the Prince through the window of this truck- just returning from his ride!

The Princess, checking out the "big water" while the Prince was riding the dump truck

It really is a nice view

When we were done checking out the big trucks, we walked over to check out the Farmer's Market. It's really a great one- and I enjoy going- but I don't get down there more than a couple times each year.

While we were there, I found a lady that was selling Rada Cutlery- the same stuff my mom has! I was so excited to find it, because the knives are fantastic. They are made here in Iowa and last forever. I spent about $40 on the knives that I had to have right away, and have gone to their website to request info on selling it myself... but it's good to know that I can buy straight from the company if I'd prefer.

After the Farmer's Market, we headed out to the suburbs, where two different fire departments were having open houses. Both kids were really excited about being able to check out the fire trucks.


  1. What a neat Post! I enjoyed seeing your "day trip" and give the Princess and Prince (see I have my priorities correct - always ladies first. ) big hugs from me. j

  2. what a fabulous day! balance is tough in whatever phase of life you are in.
    i love to see your family posts.

  3. Thanks! I'm glad you like this kind of post, because at the rate I'm going lately, my kids are going to be the main focus of my blog. :)

    Hubby hates when I sew at night (the only time I have really to sew right now!) so I don't know how much sewing is going to be happening in the next few months.

  4. Great pictures of what sounds to be a fun day! Thanks for sharing :)


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