Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How (Liberal/Conservative) Are You?

I know, I suck. I haven't posted in days... and I'm posting a quiz.

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 90% Conservative, 10% Liberal

Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Ethics: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal


  1. interesting blondie...i tried to take the quiz...i stopped. i think i'm just a gray area girl...there were too many of the questions where neither answer worked for me. not sure what that means...i really did kinda want to know where i fell.

  2. I'm almost as conservative as you. Didn't really come as a shock. Have a great week!!! Em

  3. Perhaps you should embrace the principles of Libertarianism. This would, of course, preclude your voting for McCain and involve voting for the Libertarian of your choice, which is already on Iowa ballot forms. Just a thought...

  4. I'm pretty conservative, but I already knew that. Neat quiz.


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